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Candles & Scents

We believe you need to surround yourself with things of beauty in your journey through life – things you love and love to give. We source homewares and gifts that endeavour to instil a sense of peace and happiness.
Wine Bottle Candle - Oakmoss & Sage
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Wine Bottle Candle - Moroccan Spice
Wine Bottle Candle - Coconut & Lime
Wine Bottle Candle - French Pear
Wine Bottle Candle - Cedar & Saffron
Beer Bottle Candle - Campfire Pig & Pilgrim Colab
Beer Bottle Candle - Barber Shop
Beer Bottle Candle - Tobacco & Hay
Beer Bottle Candle - Fresh Water
Beer Bottle Candle - Himalayan Bamboo
Beer Bottle Diffuser - Barber Shop
Bottle Diffuser - Fresh Water
Beer Bottle Diffuser - Himalayan Bamboo
Beer Bottle Diffuser - Tobacco & Hay
Crystal Diffuser - Clear Quartz - Healing
Crystal Diffuser - Rose Quartz - Love
Crystal Diffuser - Amethyst - De-Stress
Crystal Diffuser - Aventurine - Abundance
Crystal Diffuser - Citrine - Energise
Crystal Candle - Citrine - Energise
Crystal Candle - Aventurine - Abundance
Crystal Candle - Amethyst - De-Stress
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Crystal Candle - Rose Quartz - Love
Crystal Candle - Clear Quartz - Healing
Café Noir Peppermint Grove Candle
Salted Caramel Peppermint Grove Candle
Fontella Glass Votive
Patsy Glass Votive
Cilla Glass Votive
Ella Glass Votive
Divinity Aromatherapy Oil
Morocco Aromatherapy Oil
Tension Tonic Aromatherapy Oil
Chai Spice Wax Mandala
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Moth Repellent
Norbit Ceramic Candle
Velda Glass Candle Holder
Dapper Glass Candle Holder
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Amethyst Healing Crystal Diffuser
Rose Quartz Healing Diffuser
Amour Collection Candles - 2 Fragrances
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Asana Candles - 3 Fragrances
Serenity Signature Diffuser - Tropical Punch
Serenity Siganture Candle - Watermelon Lemonade
Serenity Signature Diffuser - Vanilla Caramel
Serenity Signature Diffuser - Thai Lemongrass
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Serenity Signature Diffuser - Sea Salt Rose
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Serenity Signature Diffuser - On The Beach
Serenity Signature Diffuser - Blood Orange
Serenity Signature Diffuser - Jasmine & Magnolia