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Decorative Pieces

We believe you need to surround yourself with things of beauty in your journey through life – things you love and love to give. We source homewares and gifts that endeavour to instil a sense of peace and happiness.

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Blue & White Orchid Canvas Print
Blue & White Camellia Canvas Print
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Orchids & Banksia Canvas Print
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Orchids Cascading Canvas Print
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Olivia Canvas Print
Amy Canvas Print
Romeo Face Vase
Dexter Face Vase
Cleopatra Face Vase
Freddie Face Vase
Clancy Face Vase
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Clementine Face Vase
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Twiggie Planter
Fern Face Vase
Maisy Face Vase
Cleopatra Planter
Elton Planter
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Baby Love Vase
Bump Vase
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Fishy Handle Vase / Jug
Fruit Friend Orange - Framed Print
Fruit Friend Lemon - Framed Print
Table Top Study Blue Raw- Framed Print
Table Top Study Blush Raw- Framed Print
Byron Road-trip Raw- Framed Print
Villa Shade Raw - Framed Print
Jarron Recycled Glass Vase On Stand
Jarron Recycled Glass Vase - 80cm
Jarron Recycled Glass Vase - 100cm
Brushstrokes Vase - Round
Brushstrokes Vase - Tall
Chunky Footed Oval Bowl - Sand
Chunky Footed Oval Bowl - White
Musk Amphora Jug - Small
Olive Amphora Jug - Small
White Amphora Jug - Small
Olive Amphora Jug - Large
White Amphora Jug - Large
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Free Love Canvas Print
Birdie Cream Canvas Print
Laki Canvas Print
Tall Splayed Reed Grass
Lucaz Jungle Round Tray - 2 Sizes
Athena Goddess Sculpture - Hands Down.
Athena Goddess Sculpture - Arms Up.
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Elina Hand Decor
Egil Hand Decor
Echi Ceramic Torso Vase
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Enid Ceramic Torso Vase
Elsa Ceramic Torso Vase