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Kitchen & Dining

We believe you need to surround yourself with things of beauty in your journey through life – things you love and love to give. We source homewares and gifts that endeavour to instil a sense of peace and happiness.

Malibu Extra Large Salad Bowl - Desert Beach
Malibu Large Bowl - Palm
Paddle Board Square - Matte Black
Paddle Board Square - Checkerboard
Malibu Plate Large - Palm
Malibu Plate Large - Checkerboard
Malibu Tray Large - Checkerboard
Chino Mug - Black Check
Greek Eye Cup
Paris Birds Cup
Dog Ceramic Measuring Spoons
Dog Ceramic Measuring Cups
Frankie Ceramic Punnet Basket
Frankie Ceramic Oval Platter
Frankie Ceramic Soup Set
Frankie Ceramic Measuring Cups
Frankie Ceramic Mug and Coaster
Frankie Ceramic Measuring Spoons
Frankie Ceramic Measuring Jug
Claw Wood Salad Servers
Juice Glass - Tropical
Juice Glass - Spring
Juice Glass - Lemoncello
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Queen Bee Crystal Spoons
St. Tropez White Stripe Tumbler
St. Tropez White Stripe Wine Glass
St. Tropez White Stripe Jug / Pitcher
Picnic Cooler Barrel Bag - Daisy Gingham
Juliet Heart Cup
Juliet Heart Bowl - Small
Juliet Heart Bowl - Medium
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Juliet Heart Bowl - Large
Fun Wine Tumbler
Happy Hour Wine Tumblers - Set of 4
Aerial Resin Tableware
Aerial Resin Tableware
From $69.95 - $280.00
Callie Suede & Leather Tote - Ecru & Gold
Callie Suede & Leather Tote - Black & Silver
Callie Suede & Leather Tote - Olive & Silver
Acrylic Wine Glass - Pink
Acrylic Wine Glass - Clear
Acrylic Wine Glass - Crystal Clear
Acrylic Wine Glass - Sage Green
Acrylic Pitcher / Jug - Crystal Clear
Acrylic Pitcher / Jug - Sage Green
Happy Mug - Flowers
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Flower Child Tray - Blush
Flower Child Tray - Mint
Flower Child Tray - Mustard
Picnic Cooler Barrel Bag - Rainbow Spirit