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Our Favourites - Vases & Pots

Staff picks from our current collection. We fell in love with these pieces upon arrival!
Room Mist - 5 Scents.
Rose Geranium Wax Heart on a Rope
Hemp Bag Filled with Soap Pieces
Iris Planter Pot
Sold Out
Alyssa Face Vase - Red
Sold Out
Alyssa Face Vase - Blue
Freddie Face Vase
Clancy Face Vase
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Clementine Face Vase
Sold Out
Twiggie Planter
Maisy Face Vase
Cleopatra Face Vase
Fern Face Vase
Cleopatra Planter
Iris Zafino Miley Earrings - Gold
Zafino Guiliana Earrings - Silver
Zafino Guiliana Earrings - Gold
Zafino Miley Earrings - Silver
Zafino Miley Earrings - Gold
Letter Pendant Necklace - Gold
Jules Face Vase
Romeo Face Vase
Dexter Face Vase
Elton Planter
Albert Face Vase - Red
Albert Face Vase - Blue